Work Package 1

Project Management & Coordination

Deliverable 1.1 Preparation Activities

Deliverable 1.2 Task Force Meetings

Deliverable 1.3 Project Management

Deliverable 1.4 Evaluation

Deliverable 1.5 Audits

p>WP1 relates to the actions that ensure the regular and timely implementation of the project, the Project Management. Considering that the coordination concerns the implementation of various components, including administrative and financial management, the LB will set up an efficient and reliable management and co-ordination system. Mr. Aggouris George will be assigned as Overall Project Manager (PM) responsible for the overall organization and co-ordination of the project activities and components, ensuring a day-to-day supervision through the continuous communication and collaboration with the other PBs (email, Skype, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google docs, Doodle, etc.). The Project Manager (PM) will be responsible for WP1, the project’s coordination and for reporting regularly to the Programme authorities.

In the HEALTH-INFO context, three Task Force meetings will be held, where all arising problems and any lagging on implementation will be discussed and managed by LPMs (Steering Group). The steering group discusses and officially approves all project relevant implementation rules, working plans, progress reports and financial issues. Controlling, monitoring, and evaluation of the project’s activities is also ensured by the steering group.

Moreover, WP1 includes the Evaluation activities, namely the drafting of the “Guidelines for the operation of the partnership–Code of Ethics”. The purpose of this Code is to instill confidence in the project management procedure. A Quality Board will be created in order to perform a periodic (ex-ante on 3rd month, mid-term 12th month and ex-post evaluation 24th month) internal assessment of the project’s outputs – products, according to the project’s Code of Ethics, using a concise assessment methodology. The QB will not meet physically, but will work mainly by means of communication media. The QB will be composed of 7 members (1 member for each Project Partner and the PM). Also, this board will monitor the compliance to ethics and regulations as appropriate, especially in relation to the horizontal principles of the Programme. PM of LB will lead the QB and therefore will participate in these conferences.

Finally, WP1 includes Audits. Certified experts will undertake the validation of partners’ financial reports, in accordance to programme’s rules. For the Greek beneficiaries the costs for expenditure verification are eligible and the expenditure verification costs are limited to 3% of Project Partners Budget.