Work Package 4

Educational programs and skill strengthening

Partners involved: LB, PB2, PB4, PB5 and PB6

Deliverable 4.2 Educational program for local doctors

HEALTH-INFO includes an integrated set of educational activities aiming to improve the quality of life and health of children and the elderly in the regions of implementation through the development of three axes of intervention. More specifically, WP4 includes the Educational program for general population, which is the first axis of intervention. The First Axis refers to educational programs in the field of preventive medicine for the general population, parents and vulnerable groups who live in the cross-border regions of implementation.

The first axis will be carried out by LB and PB2 for the Greek side and by PB4, PB5 and PB6 for the North Macedonia side. The educational program will focus in two areas:

  1. Education about health issues for women including breast, ovarian and uterine cancer as well as screening principles and benefits,
  2. Common medical emergencies affecting children and the elderly.

The Educational program for local doctors is the second axis of intervention resulting in the skill strengthening of local doctors. These educational programs will be more advanced, with specialized subjects in the fields of breast cancer and gynecological cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Furthermore, in the context of these seminars, the LB will inform healthcare professionals who work in the regions of implementation regarding the operation of an e-Platform.

For the North Macedonia side, PB4 will organize educational programs for radiologists and radiology technicians from Bitola and Gevgelija. They will be educated on the project as well on the best practices related to examination and early detection of breast cancer. For the Greek side, each seminar will include one presentation from the LPM in the field of cancer, one presentation from the external medical doctor in the field of prevention, diagnosis and treatment and two presentations from guest speakers related to the field of training.

The Practical Training on mannequins is the third axis of intervention, which aims to improve the skills of ordinary people in emergency and rescue services. The third axis will be solely implemented on the Greek side by PB2 and will focus in two areas:

  1. CPR and choking first aid (infant/child CPR) courses
  2. CPR and choking first aid (elder CPR) courses

The activity’s target group is the parents and caregivers. These two groups of people should be encouraged to take CPR and choking first aid courses in order to be ready to provide help to the infants and children (Program’s emerging target group).